Phil Page and I have a joint exhibition opening Wednesday 7 February, ANCA Gallery. The works I am exhibiting are early studies for my MPhil project at the ANU School of Art & Design. They explore what painting and the painting process can reveal about the lived experience of place. The project centres around the Northbourne housing complex in Canberra that is going to be demolished by the end of 2019.

Love Sux (detail) by Katie Hayne, Oil on Board, 60.5cm (h) x 48.5 cm (w)

Review by Caren Florance

'Yeti on the Run #2', a collaboration with Ursula Frederick, is a finalist in the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award 2017. You can view the full series, that was first exhibited in 'Beauties and Beasts' at Belconnen Arts Centre, on Ursula's website.

The Plate Show is the second iteration of artwork made on plates by a group of Canberra artists who would regularly meet up to share a meal. The first show Bookplates was held in 2015 on the Electric Wall of Canberra’s famous Electric Shadows bookshop and was curated by Ampersand Duck (Caren Florance) and Helen Maxwell. This time around Ursula Frederick and I invited the Bookplate artists to make new work and invite a friend to the table. The show included work by Alyssa Bagley, Emma Beer, Byrd, Adele Cameron, Fiona Edge, Kirsten Farrell, Caren Florance, UK Frederick, Michelle Hallinan, Katie Hayne, Nicci Haynes, Stephanie Jones, Waratah Lahy, Peter McLean, Julia Miller, Sarah Rice, Johanna Rendel-Short, Jo Searle, Megan Watson, Jen Webb and Naomi Zouwer.

Curated by Caren Florance and Jen Webb. Featuring Caren Florance, UK Frederick, Katie Hayne, Nicci Haynes, Sarah Rice, Jen Webb and Jordan Williams.

Wednesday 24 August – 11 September 2016, ANCA Gallery, Canberra
Opening event: 6pm Wednesday 24 August.
Reading event: 6pm Tuesday 6 September. ‘Material Poetics’ a poetry reading related to the exhibition, with Melinda Smith (MC), Sarah Rice, Katie Hayne, Jen Webb and Jordan Williams. 

Poetics: theories of literary making, forms and discourse
Material: the physical, rather than the stuff of thought; the matter out of which objects are made

Material Poetics  explores how poetry can inhabit the heart of visual art practice, and how visual and material energies can animate poetic practice. Seven artists (three of whom are poets) present what the concept of ‘material poetics’ means to them, resulting in a cross-disciplinary investigation of the ‘thingness of things’ (Heidegger) and the performativity of language.

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